Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures of the D-8 Rip Saw

About a month ago I finally found the rip saw of my dreams, a D-8 pistol grip Disston rip saw. The beauty was on display at Rejuvenation Hardware in the salvage department.  The "salvage guys" and myself crowded around the object like buzzards to a carcass.  After I mulled it over for awhile I decided I would not find a better rip saw and purchased it for a more than a fair price.  One of the Rejuvenation employees was especially saddened to see the saw go.  He had had his eye on it since its arrival.

Since then I have been keeping my salvage friends up to date with the adventures of this saw.   One of the first projects that I used it on was the church in Golden.  Here is a shot of the saw ripping a new sill to width.

Cutting in Golden's graveyard.
A picture of the installed sill can be found at this previous post.

The next project that showcased the saw was for Shore Acres State Park.  This park is one of the most beautiful places in all of Oregon.  I have been working on the Gardener's House windows since last year.  The house is missing two small closet sash.  I had two identical sash to use as examples.
Here is a photo showing the cutting of the 2 bottom rails.  

And the finished sash along side one of the originals.

I will be posting more saw adventures with the D-8 in the future.

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DaVinci said...

Amy, nice set up. It reflects not just you but also the love of what it is that you do so well. Keep it going and I will continue to check in from time to time.
P.S. I'm jealous of that damn D9!