Friday, April 24, 2009

Shavings, shavings and more shavings

I thought this made for a neat picture.  These shavings were made with a dado plane.  I was preparing some material for the Coquille Lighthouse project discussed in the previous post.
I originally started out using my power router to make these dados, but I couldn't stand the racket and dust it made.  I guess I have completely converted to a non-power tool business.

No, this isn't Forks, WA.

Somewhere out there is one of my projects. When they forecast drizzle for the coast they really mean drenching shower with tiny droplets.

Here is the project on a sunny day.
This is the Coquille River Lighthouse located at the beautiful Bullards Beach State Park.
I am currently installing a replica window on the other side of the lighthouse.  There is no original fabric left from the windows.  The Army Corp of Engineers installed large wooden frames and glass in the openings in 1976.  Before this time the building was abandoned and left to the elements which led to the loss of the original windows.  I am working from an architect's drawings which were taken from the original architect's work.  Also there are quite a few old photos documenting the history of the lighthouse.

Here is the D-8 cutting the sill to fit.  It turned out to be a pretty complicated sill due to the addition of some concrete by the Corp in the 1970s.  The sill material is Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  It took me a little time to get used to the smell of it.

You can see all the complicated angles from this scrap.  The sill is purposefully left off the stucco in front, backer rod and a flexible sealant will be used to finish it off at the end.  And the flashing has yet to be installed either.  
This sill was expertly milled by Creative Woodworking.  These guys are awesome.  They always come up with a solution no matter what weird thing I bring to them.

This was the amazing moon set I saw on my last morning there.  
The project is about finished so more photos will be posted when it is complete.