Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Start of a Job of a Lifetime

In May I started to work onsite for the Heceta Head project.  I was impressed with the amount of scaffold enveloping the structure when I first arrived.  This scaffold proved to be quite a savior when the fall storms started rolling in.
So I started the restoration work on 4 existing small double-hung windows at the watchtower level (right below the lantern) and building 6 new double-hungs for the rest of the structure.

Entire lighthouse enveloped in scaffold.

Once the sash at the watchtower level were removed the full extent of damage to the frames could be seen.
Some of the problems were persistent moisture issues even in the summer (more about this later), extensive rot and insect damage with the south and east frames, sever corrosion to the cast iron pulleys which unknown to me at the time actually split apart every pulley stile.

West frame

East frame with molding pulled back exposing fern roots.

South frame weight pocket (I'll be wearing gloves for this one)

Plywood insert.  No screws needed.

Next up will be the repairs to the double-hung sash.