Thursday, February 26, 2009

Golden, Oregon

Golden Church

The ghost town of Golden was founded in the 1860s in a small valley in southern Oregon.  The remaining buildings are now part of a state park and National Historic District .   I was contracted to restore 4 pairs of double hung windows and build one bottom sash from scratch for the church.

One topic of debate was whether or not to paint the windows once completed.  The building was originally painted white, but the siding is currently unpainted.  I considered painting the windows a brownish gray color to blend with the current siding but still preserve the window; I had some reservations concerning the longevity of the new glazing putty if it was left unpainted. After much consultation with our State Historic Preservation Office and an Architectural Consultant, we decided that the windows should be left unpainted and let the repairs weather.We will monitor how the glazing putty performed over time.

Repaired window with new sill