Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stumbling Towards Windmills

Once an artist always an artist.  Every once in a while I get sucked back into creative adventures. 
Recently I have been making props for a local ballet company's production of Don Quixote.   I believe it is an opportunity to stretch myself and who knows where it might take me.  Plus it is so fun!

Start of the jousting lance.  Used a 9' 4x4 post of Western Red Cedar.

New tool that was used to shape the lance. 

I have no access to a lathe big enough to shape a 9' pole so I had to whittle the beast down with a 10" drawknife.  Working the lance with the drawknife was a cross between doing sit-ups for hours and riding a skinny horse all day.  I now have a new respect for anyone working with a drawknife and a shave horse.  

As with any new tool there is a bit of a learning curve... and I had a slight mishap on the second day of working with the drawknife.  What initially looked to be a simple cut turned out to be something a bit more ugly.  

Doesn't look too bad but later...

Going to have quite a scar.

The yellow wood is Alaskan Yellow Cedar scraps that I have from the building of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse door.  I had to build up the vamplate (bell-shaped guard in front of the grip) so I could get the proper bell shape. 

Starting to look more like a lance and less like a small sapling.

I am about halfway done with the lance.  More photos later of the finished lance.  

The following pictures are of the scabbards I built for a pair of Spanish fencing swords that I have.  The ballet company is borrowing the swords for the run of the show.  

Start of the scabbards.  

Don Quixote's scabbard and sword.  

Gamache's scabbard and sword.

Scabbard faux chapes.


Jamie said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great work!! But be careful when you are doing work with these tools.
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Rog Frost said...

I'd like to use the picture of you using the draw knife as a part of the Market Lavington Museum blog about the 1850 draw knife we have. I'll link it to your blog, of course. Is that OK please?


Hon Curator
market Lavington Museum

Oculus said...

Sorry for the delay in response. I just looked at your comment. Ya its ok if you want to use the photo. Thanks for the interest.

Unknown said...

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Oculus said...

Hey James,
Thanks! Blogging is fun but it is a hugh time suck. I'll be posting some more soon though.