Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dutchman Hell, part 1

And so began the arduous and dirty job of removing 4 double-hung frames from their brick openings.  These things hadn't been moved in over a century.  I had no grand ideas that this was going to be easy.

North window frame- arched head piece

South window frame.

Weight pocket 

The frames were held in place by four sets of criss-crossing masonry nails.   These small nails were a bit of a headache to cut.  Once I did manage to sever them the frames then came out slowly from their brick openings.  Most of them in several pieces.  Only the north frame came out in one piece.  

Cut masonry nails.

Fern roots growing in between the brick and the frame

This photo shows the  condition of the brick openings once the frames were removed.  The roots were only present in one opening. 

Cast iron pulley-severly corroded

The pulley corrosion proved to be quite something.  Causing more damage than I really knew at this point.


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