Friday, March 22, 2013

A Word About Moisture Meters

From my work on a previous lighthouse I know the problems with moisture metering wood that has been exposed to salt water.  On this first lighthouse I was hired to restore an existing transom and build a new door.  During the restoration of the transom I received very weird numbers from my moisture meter.  After some digging around on the net I found the reason why, the salt in the wood effects the transmission between the two pins therefore giving an inaccurate reading. 

The day I went out to Heceta Head lighthouse to start the prep for the painting of the watchtower window frames I came up against a real problem.  My moisture meter was reading at the maximum number, 95.8%.  Even though I couldn't rely on the percentage number I knew all the wood was soaking wet from the feel and because water pooled around the pins when I inserted them into the wood.  And this was the middle of summer.  

After a call to Benjamin Moore I learned that they won't warranty their paint coats unless the wood substrate was at 11% moisture or less.  I knew that drastic measures would have to be taken if I was going to get a paint coat that was to last past the first six months.
First off, I called my moisture meter company to get some advice.  It was the best thing I ever did.  I found out the Lignomat moisture meters that I use are assembled and designed in Portland.  The owner of the company invited me to come to her workshop where I watched as she assembled my new moisture meter.  She instructed me on how I can monitor the wood and gage when the moisture content would be close to the 11%.  

First thing I had to do was remove the frames from the openings which is something I had not wanted to do when I started the project.  I have learned from experience that they often don't go back in as easily as they come out.  But do this I must.  
Second, I would have to take a moisture reading every other day once they were in Portland.  I would have to graph each reading and when the numbers had stopped dropping and leveled off I would be close to 11% moisture for Portland in the summer.  

Once levels were stable, then I could start the repair process.


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