Tuesday, October 11, 2011

APT Conference-Victoria

So back in July I was invited to present at the APT Conference in Victoria, B.C.  At the time I thought it was impossible to attend.  The cost alone was very daunting, not to mention finding someone to watch my kids.   But after much discussion we decided it was too good to pass up.  So here I go-off to Victoria.

On my way to Port Angeles.

Port Angeles-it has a lot of murals and Twilight fans.

Goodbye United States

The ferry ride was really something else.  In general I avoid boats, but since Victoria is on an island I had no choice.  I think that the wind was causing the boat to rock around since the water wasn't too rough.  I don't think sitting in the bow helped any either.
On Saturday I will be riding on an even smaller boat.  That should be interesting.

Hello Victoria!

My hotel and conference location.

The side of the hotel my room actually is on.

Victoria Parliament Buildings.

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