Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Waxahatchie", part 2

After the model was made I started in on mortising of the long muntins. All of the mortises are punched at an angle so the layout took a bit of head scratching, but in the end it all came together just like the drawing. Thank God they turned out parallel!
Also, you should know that the interior is stain-grade so I had to take a lot of time making sure the coping on the interior side looks extra good.

Finished muntin, interior

The next step will be to fit the smaller muntins.


John said...

Chinese Puzzle time!

How long are those muntin bar tenons?

Are those full mortise & tenon joints on the stiles and rails, or are they "saddle joints?"

Be sure to see the pinned muntin joint tools and samples over at the Forum:


rncx said...

looks like she has a proper mortise/tenon joint from the assembled picture.